Lynda JIKAI Golan is a Portland-based artist whose work combines traditional drawing materials such as graphite, pencil, paint and sumi-e ink, along with organic materials like teas, curry and various coffee mixtures.


Themes of climate change, nature, and meditating have been the focus of her work..


Her first solo show in Portland in 2016 from “Buddhas to Bugs” addressed leaving the Los Angeles Zen Center and arriving in the Portland during the long and heavy rain season.


The series “We Didn’t Plan-it” addresses issues of water and land mass, the current order and chaos of natural resources on our planet. Video of the exhibit, with Alaskan sculptor Theresa White, can be seen here.


Lynda Jikai began her journey as an artist early. "As a child, any tiny scrap paper was enough for me to draw. I have always looked to the materials that surround me to create imagery." 


She was born in Brooklyn before moving to Los Angeles to enter college at age 17, studying art, philosophy and social science before deciding to travel outside the US.


Drawn to alternative visions of society, she joined a progressive Israeli kibbutz where she lived and worked for 11 years, creating art, designing theater sets, while working in citrus orchards and in the juice producing factory. 

She was active in the peace movement in Israel after 1967.

She is currently editing for publication 400 pages of letters written from the kibbutz between 1962 and and 1973.


Upon returning to the US, she continued her studies at UCLA, earning a Masters in Clinical Social Work. 

She worked as a therapist for three decades, while continuing to paint and participate in social change movements for peace and justice. 


During these years, she raised three children, all of whom grew up to be artists. 


Lynda's work on paper, which evokes Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese dry brush calligraphy, evolved during the 4 years that she lived in a Zen monastery in los Angeles. 


The name Jikai was given to her by the Abbott of ZCLA.The name means compassion-ocean and relates to themes in her work.  It is now her artist name.


Her recent artist residency in northern Iceland has lead to her latest series of works.


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